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Woodlands Timber

Graceville, Florida Staff


Tom Smith

Graceville Procurement Manager

850.263.2056 ext. 290

850.643.8966 cell



Lee Bracewell

Senior Procurement Forester

850.643.8448 cell



Ashley Griffin

Procurement Forester

334.232.1032 cell

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Contact Ashley Griffin

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Mississippi Staff


Joe Dan Leggett

Brookhaven Procurement Manager

601.833.1990 ext. 320

601.754.2616 cell



Steve Berry

Procurement Forester

601.833.1990 ext. 311

601.506.4106 cell

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Contact Steve Berry

Troy, Alabama Staff


Alan Jaye

Troy Procurement Manager

334.830.1677 cell



Matt McGaughey

Procurement Forester

334.797.4313 cell

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Contact Matt McGaughey

Bristol, Florida Staff


George Landrum

Bristol Procurement Manager

850.643.2238 ext. 117

850.643.8699 cell



Kim Nobles

Procurement Forester

850.643.7675 cell



Ben Munroe

Procurement Forester

850.756.4689 cell



Ferlon Baggett

Forestry Technician

850.643.7541 cell



Sterling Chason

Forestry Technician

850.209.4957 cell



Michael Leonard

Procurement Forester

850.643.8936 cell



Austin Lockart

Pole Procurement Manager

850.209.8234 cell



Justin Pelt

Pole Marker

850.482.1813 cell

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Contact Michael Leonard

Contact Sterling Chason

Contact Austin Lockart

Contact George Landrum

Contact Ferlon Baggett

Contact Kim Nobles

Contact Justin Pelt

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